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Fireplace Wood Pellet Helios 35 kw - Ht35c Plus

kW 35
Up to 300mq
Fireplace Wood Pellet Helios 35 kw - Ht35c Plus
Brand: Helios
Product Code: Ht35c Plus
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Fireplace Wood Pellet Helios 35 kw - Ht35c Plus

The Biotermocamino Series HT technological excellence and production. The Helios Technologies is
born around the values that animate the concept of Biotermocamino: Technology, Efficiency and Ecology.

Plus system
It is a system designed to install the products in Helios
building and for which you do not have to break the walls
or floors for the passage of the safety tube. Hence convenience
and lower installation costs

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Dimension B x H x P (cm) 1150 x 1580 x 750
kW 35
Up to 300mq

Depending on availability the delivery of goods occurs on average in 25 day for Italy.

Note: Free shipping to the Italian islands (Sicily and Sardinia) requires a supplement of € 60

Product pictures and specifications are indicative and subject to change without notice and may bring changes respect the real product.

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Helios Fireplace Wood Pellet Helios 35 kw - Ht35c Plus

Fireplace Wood Pellet Helios 35 kw - Ht35c Plus, Helios, DND Store - Biancone snc

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