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Rosso fuoco

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Barbecues for ovens Rossofuoco Brace
Side access model powered by charcoal...
Ex Tax: 483.61€
Barbecues for ovens Rossofuoco DRAWER BBQ
Applicable to all 80 ovens; transforms the combustion chamber into a practical barbecue...
Ex Tax: 77.87€
Barbecues for ovens Rossofuoco Easy up
Grid with "up-down" system to adjust the distance from the embers.OPTIONAL:Pair of worktopsside,igni..
Ex Tax: 229.51€
Barbecues for ovens Rossofuoco Falò
Front access model powered by wood or charcoal...
Ex Tax: 696.72€
Barbecues for ovens Rossofuoco MAXI
STANDARD EQUIPMENT:back brazierfor wood from which they are obtainedthe coals for cooking;ash tray;T..
Ex Tax: 401.64€
Built-in oven Rossofuoco Eco 50 i
ECO50-i built-in ovenAvailable in the only size 50. STANDARD EQUIPMENT:Ventilationthermometer, timer..
Ex Tax: 1,303.28€
Built-in oven Rossofuoco Eco i
ECO-i built-in ovenAvailable in 3 models of different sizes: 65 - 80 - 100.STANDARD EQUIPMENT:Ventil..
Ex Tax: 1,467.21€
Built-in oven Rossofuoco Effe i
EFFE-i built-in ovenAvailable in 3 models of different sizes: 65 - 80 - 100. STANDARD EQUIPMENT:Vent..
Ex Tax: 1,598.36€
Built-in oven Rossofuoco Fiamma i
FIAMMA-i built-in ovenAvailable in 3 models of different sizes: 65 - 80 - 100.Two finishes:Copper or..
Ex Tax: 1,713.11€
Built-in oven Rossofuoco Garden Color i
Built-in oven "GARDEN color-iAvailable in sizes 65 and 80; in two colors of the structure.STANDARD E..
Ex Tax: 1,352.46€
Built-in oven Rossofuoco QUATTROSTAGIONI
Every season is good to use it because it is double sided, so you can bake and cook indifferently fr..
Ex Tax: 1,795.08€
Built-in oven Rossofuoco Red i
RED-i built-in ovenAvailable in 3 models of different sizes: 65 - 80 - 100.RedStainless steel finish..
Ex Tax: 1,795.08€
Built-in oven Rossofuoco Sedicinoni i
Two possible finishes: stainless steel and cream painting.Two variants for the internal dimensions o..
Ex Tax: 1,877.05€
Built-in oven Rossofuoco Steel i
Available in 3 models of different sizes: 65 - 80 - 100.Stainless steel structure. Double mirrored g..
Ex Tax: 1,631.15€
Direct cooking ovens Rossofuoco Campagnolo - a wood
For lovers of the traditional "Campagnolo" oven, it is the new arrival at Rossofuoco; what we needed..
Ex Tax: 983.61€
Direct cooking ovens Rossofuoco Nonna Luisa - a wood
"Nonna Luisa" stands out from the "Campagnolo" for the larger dimensions (840x990mm)Available in two..
Ex Tax: 1,155.74€
Direct cooking ovens Rossofuoco Più trecento - a wood
More than three hundred "is the" big "of the direct cooking ovens designed by Rossofuoco with a cook..
Ex Tax: 1,467.21€
Outdoor ovens Rossofuoco Eco 65
Painted structure. Red painted roof (in stainless steel on request)STANDARD EQUIPMENT:Ventilationsmo..
Ex Tax: 1,631.15€
Outdoor ovens Rossofuoco Eco50 50E
Painted structureRed painted roofSTANDARD EQUIPMENT:Ventilationthermometer, timerinterior lighting3 ..
Ex Tax: 1,221.31€
Outdoor ovens Rossofuoco Effe 100
Painted structure. Roof and finishes in stainless steelSTANDARD EQUIPMENT:Ventilationsmoke and steam..
Ex Tax: 2,122.95€

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Ventilated Pellet stove Ravelli 11.0 kW RV 110 Air
2,081.00€ 1,950.00€ Vat included
Wood stoves Nordica Anthea Silk Vogue 8kW
2,990.00€ 2,890.00€ Vat included

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Wood stoves Nordica Falò 1XL 9kW
"....funziona bene ed è bellissima anche per arredare casa!"
Wood stoves Nordica Dorella L8 X
"Ottima stufetta, semplice ma efficace. scalda anche con poca legna!"

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