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condensing boiler BLUEHELIX ALPHA 24

condensing boiler BLUEHELIX ALPHA 24
Product Code: BLUEHELIX ALPHA 24
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condensing boiler BLUEHELIX ALPHA 24


Solar system set-up: set up for the production of domestic hot water combined with solar panel systems

Flue ducting: particularly suitable for operation in flues requiring “heavy duty” pipes thanks to approval for operation with 50mm diameter flue outlets.

Minimum polluting emissions (class 6 according to EN 15502-1)

- Sliding temperature operating mode through outdoor probe (optional)

- Low consumption modulating circulator (ErP Ready - Class A)

- A+ SYSTEM: (for mod. 28C and 34C) combined with the modulating remote control CONNECT, it reaches the top efficiency class A+ (scale from G to A+++)

User interface with display and multi-purpose keys to adjust and set the parameters

- Digital flame control with three ignition attempts if operation gets blocked due to failed flame detection (methane mod.)

- Place of installation: also outdoors, in a partially protected place down to -5°C as per standard and even -15°C with the addition of the optional antifreeze heaters kit

Removable casing into three pieces for easier maintenance or inspection.

F.P.S.: Flue gas Protection System. The optional flue gas accessory (041106X0 - Exhaust gas check valve kit), which can be installed outside the boiler, allows an easy connection to pressurised collective flue systems (e.g. in restructuring), in accordance with the UNI 7129 standard.

NOTE: the kit cannot be used in recessed installations.

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Rosso fuoco condensing boiler BLUEHELIX ALPHA 24

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